Time Periods

History by Location

Time Period 1: 1200-1450
Latin America
Middle East & Persia
Time Period 2: 1450-1750
US & Canada
Australia & Oceania
Time Period 3: 1750-1900
Time Period 4: 1900-present
Central Asia, Manchuria, Korea
Southeast Asia

Time Period 1: 1200-1450

Ancient Kingdoms
Song China
Abbasid Caliphate
Delhi Sultanate
Chola & Vijayanagar Kingdoms
Southeast Asian Kingdoms
Kingdoms of Africa (Mali, Kilwa, etc.)
Mongols & the 4 Khanates
Europe in the Middle Ages
Trade Routes
Silk Road
Trans-Saharan Trade Route
Indian Ocean Trade Route

Time Period 2: 1450-1750

Developments in Europe
Protestant Reformation
Scientific Revolution
Political Developments & Religious Wars
Land-Based Empires
Gunpowder Empires (Mughals, Ottomans, Safavids)
Ming & Qing Dynasties of China
Tokugawa Dynasty of Japan
Kingdoms of Africa (Songhai, Kongo, etc.)
Maritime Empires
European exploration & Maritime Trade
European alliances with African Kingdoms
European empires in the Americas
Triangular Trade

Time Period 3: 1750-1900

Political Revolutions
American Revolution
French Revolution
Haitian Revolution
Latin American Revolutions
Industrial Revolution & Imperialism
Industrial Revolution in Britain
Spread of Industrial Revolution in Europe & Americas
Meiji Restoration in Japan
Russian Industrialization & Political Developments
Imperialism in Asia (India, China, Southeast Asia)
Colonization of Africa
Other Developments
Unifications of Italy & Germany
Developments in Latin America

Time Period 4: 1900-present

Global Wars
World War 1
Interwar Period & Great Depression
World War 2
Cold War
Proxy Wars in Cold War
Decolonization of Africa
Developments in China
Decolonization of India
Modern Developments
US Involvement in the Islamic World
Globalization & Economic Developments

US & Canada from 1200-present

Native Americans
English, French, Dutch Colonization of US & Canada
American Revolution
Canadian Independence
Economic Development & Conflicts in US & Canada
Expansion of US & Canada
US involvement in World War 1
Great Depression
US Involvement in World War 2
US Involvement in Cold War

Latin America from 1200-present

Aztec & Incan Empires
Conquest of Aztecs & Incas
Spanish & Portuguese Colonization of Latin America
Haitian Revolution
Latin American Political Revolutions
Post-Independence State-Building
US Neocolonialism in Latin America
Post-Independence Conflicts in Mexico
Economic Development of Latin America
Latin America in Interwar Period
US Involvement in Latin America in 20th Century

Europe from 1200-present

Europe in the Middle Ages
4 Secular Developments in Europe (Renaissance, Protestant Reformation, Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment)
Political Developments in 16th & 17th Centuries
European Exploration
French Revolution & Congress of Vienna
Industrial Revolution & its Societal Effects
European Imperialism
Unifications of Italy & Germany
World War 1
Post-War Pessimism & Interwar Period
Rise ofTotalitarianism
World War 2
Post-Cold War Developments in Germany

Russia from 1200-present

Political Developments from 1450-1750
Russian Industrialization
Russia in World War 1
Bolshevik Revolution & Rise of Communism
Rise of Stalin
Russia in World War 2
Russia in Cold War
Decline & Disintegration of USSR

Africa from 1200-present

Kingdoms of Africa (Mali, Kilwa, etc.)
Trans-Saharan Trade Route
Songhai Empire, Kingdoms of Kongo & Ndongo
European Alliances with African Kingdoms
European Colonization of Africa
Africa in World War 1 & Interwar Period
Independence of African Nations
Apartheid in South Africa

Middle East & Persia from 1200-present

Abbasid Caliphate
Ilkhanate of Persia
Ottoman Empire
Safavid Empire
Decline of Ottomans
Ottomans in World War 1 & Creation of Turkey
Mandate System in Arab States & Their Independence
Creation of Israel
Suez Canal Crisis
Revival of Islam in Middle East
Iranian Revolution & Iran-Iraq War

India from 1200-present

Delhi Sultanate
Chola Empire
Kingdom of Vijayanagar
Indian Ocean Trade
Mughal Empire
British Imperialism in India
Indian Independence Movement
Partition of India

China from 1200-present

Song Dynasty
Yuan Dynasty
Ming Dynasty
Qing Dynasty
British Economic Dominance of China
Disintegration of Qing Empire
Japanese Defeat of China
Chinese Civil War & Rise of Communism
China in World War 2
Post-WW2 Developments in China

Japan from 1200-present

Tokugawa Shogunate
Meiji Restoration
Japanese Imperialism Before WW1
Japan in World War 1
Japanese Imperialism in Interwar Period
Japan in World War 2

Central Asia from 1200-present

Mongol Empire
4 Khanates of Mongol Empire
Timurid Empire
Japanese Conquest of Manchuria
Russian Conquest of Central Asia
Korean War
Collapse of USSR (in Central Asia)

Southeast Asia from 1200-present

Indian Influence in Southeast Asia
European Colonization of Southeast Asia from 1450-1900
Involvement of Southeast Asia in World War 2
Vietnamese Independence & Vietnam War

Australia & Oceania from 1200-present

Australia & Polynesia from 1200-1450
Involvement of Australia & Oceania in European Exploration from 1450-1750
European Imperialism in Australia & Oceania from 1750-1900
Involvement of Pacific Islands in World War 2