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Unit 3: 1754-1800


Our world-class study guides contain everything you need to know for the 4 AP History courses, including the content, themes, maps, timelines, and more!



Based on our study guides, we host webinars and cram course sessions to review important ideas present within the course. These will mostly review for mid-terms or the AP exams in May. 



There always needs to be a bit of fun when learning history, so we host fun games such as Kahoots and other trivia games to provide a fun learning experience for our community. 



Our Instagram page (@harshil.the.historian) features daily questions on each of the 4 AP History courses to refresh the minds of our community members with a bit of quick trivia. We also feature weekly posts on cool history topics. 

Want a free Crash Course for you and your friends?

Harshil Garg has years of experience giving crash courses to his classmates and regularly gives crash courses to his peers in school every time they have a test. 

Harshil Garg Has Given

Over 110 Hours

of Crash Courses


Founded in June 2020

Nalanda Guides was founded by a current freshman at Brown University named Harshil Garg, who realized the lack of support for AP history students nationwide. During the pandemic, when school shifted online, Harshil held review sessions for his peers in AP World History, but he soon realized he could be helping more people than just his peers at school. 

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From our most prominent community members

"Nalanda Guides has helped me in ap euro so much and I’m so thankful for it :). everyday they post an ap euro question on their story and I always answer that question- it really keeps me going for the day and preparing for the final that is coming up. Whenever I have a question about ap euro, Nalanda guides always answers it right and helps me with my LEQs and DBQs. Thank you so much Nalanda guides for helping me :)"

Jasmine M

AP European History Student

Belmont, CA

"Nalanda Guides is a fantastic resource for all AP History students! It helped me review in preparation for my unit tests and the national exam, and Harshil's crash course was fun and worthwhile. Instead of going back to each textbook chapter and re-reading so many pages, Nalanda Guides has concise yet clear unit guides that summarize the big ideas and necessary details to do well on your exams. In addition, there are questions every day on Instagram (@harshil.the.historian) and fun Kahoots to test your knowledge. I recommend any AP History student to follow the Instagram page, scroll through the well-curated website, and engage in the questions and Kahoots!"

Lorna D
AP World History Student
Indianapolis, IN

"Harshil and his website really helped me improve my grade throughout every period that I have been learning! I was curious about a few questions that I had about APUSH, and he gave me lengthy, summarized, and helpful answers. He was also able to give me a 1-to-1 zoom meeting to give me a lecture about Period 3, and helped me answer few questions that I had. He takes out time out of his busy schedule to help each and every one of us, and his site is also very easy to understand with all of the maps, timelines, and important themes listed!"

Marin K

AP US History Student

New Haven, CT

"I think overall Nalanda Guides gives not only a good overview of the unit but also provides insight on what one should focus on for the test of just looking at the big picture comparing all the civilizations we learned about. it summarizes each topic well by putting all the key ideas from all kinds of standpoints of persia (ie economic social political intellectual etc) together and also compares each topic to one another."

Clare J
AP World History Student
San Jose, CA

"Nalanda Guides has helped me in basically every assignment that I have done in school and also my homework. They have such amazing and detailed information on their website for whatever you need and gives you a deeper insight on History. This website also has fun activities that test your knowledge and makes for great progress. I would recommend Nalanda Guides to anyone searching for a study resource as well as for anything else History related they need a study guide for."

Anjeli G

AP US History Student

Orlando, FL

"Nalanda Guides helped me a lot to review AP World just before the exam. Harshil contacted my teacher and specially created a review session for us. That review session was very thorough and I was able to brush up on topics that I sort of forgot about throughout the year. I now feel much more confident going into the AP Exam."

Nikhil P
AP World History Student
Montgomery, AL

"Nalanda Guides has helped me in WHAP by providing detailed information, such as WHAP guides for each specific event that happened in world history. It allowed me to have a deeper understanding in the topics and to receive a better score on my exam. The kahoots were educating and fun too!"

Iris L

AP World History Student

Daly City, CA

"I'd like to thank Harshil Garg for his crash course seminar, which helped me garner an understanding of the formation of land based empires. He was open and always was willing to help. Most importantly, however, Harshil was always approachable and easy to talk to. I really appreciate his help!"

Mir B

AP World History Student

San Jose, CA

"Being a sophomore and doing distance learning for the first time was a difficult experience. And taking an AP class without any experience was even harder. Nalanda Guides has helped me understand the concepts of the class and their daily AP euro questions have helped me remember what I have learned."

Tanvi P
AP European History Student
Livermore, CA

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