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AP World History

Unit 9: c. 1900-Present


Main Ideas of the Unit:

  • New technologies made life easier & allowed for a more interconnected world

  • Economic globalization → The Spread of American culture throughout the world

  • Growth of economic inequality → Calls for reform

Main Ideas of the Topic

  • New technologies made human life much easier & led to longer life expectancies

  • Use of new technological developments → Negative environmental impacts

Main Ideas of the Topic

  • Many types of diseases emerged → Significant effects on population & disruption of social order

Main Ideas of the Topic

  • Many governments promoted free-market economics → Allowed for many multinational corporations & regional trade agreements

  • Industrial manufacturing shifted from US & Europe → Asia & Latin America (esp. Japan & China)

  • Many groups sought to make basic human rights more accessible to people regardless of race, social class, or gender → Led to more inclusive access to education, professional roles, and political roles

  • Many protested environmental & economic inequality

  • In response to these calls for reform (and other global problems), int'l orgs like the UN were developed

Main Ideas of the Topic

  • Popular culture, arts, entertainment, and consumerism (mostly from the US) spread throughout the world

  • Many people opposed economic & cultural globalization

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