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AP Art History

Unit 1: c. 30,000 - 500 BCE

Global Prehistory

Images 1-11

Main Ideas:

  • Many paintings depicted wild animals, which is representative of a hunter-gatherer lifestyle

  • Many works of art were meant for burials → Represents the concept of afterlife or other religious beliefs

Main Ideas of the Topic

  • Mostly concerned hunting-related scenes since Paleolithic peoples hunted for food

  • Used simple tools rather than complex carving tools

Main Ideas of the Topic

  • Used more complex metal tools → Allowed for more intricate carvings

  • Societies now had a sedentary lifestyle → Gave them more time, energy, and resources to make intricate carvings

  • Many objects were placed in burials as burials for the dead were only popular in sedentary (non-nomadic) societies

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