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AP Art History

Unit 7: 500 BCE - 1980 CE

West and Central Asia

Images 181-191

Main Ideas:

  • As different leaders fought for control over areas dominated by a certain religion, they patronized religion in different ways through artwork to assert their control

  • Additionally, as different religions (such as Islam & Buddhism) spread throughout major trade routes, their artworks were influenced by the different cultures they encountered

Main Ideas of the Topic

  • Islamic mosques and buildings are designed to glorify the power of Islam through grand facades and mesmerizing mosaics, and they have large ambulatories and open spaces for pilgrims to gather

  • Islamic designs generally feature an intricate mesh of Islamic imagery to showcase the artistic capabilities of Islamic artisans

Main Ideas of the Topic

  • The artworks represent the confluence of cultures throughout the Silk Road and how that confluence influenced the development of Buddhist art in the region
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