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Challenges to State Power

Unit 4: c. 1450-1750

Main Ideas:

  • State Expansion & consolidation of state power → Resistance by many different group on a local level  

  • African slaves (in the Americas) challenged slavery with organized resistance

Resistance to State Power

State Expansion Caused Many Groups to Resist State Authority

Key Ideas:

  • As states sought to expand or consolidate power, many groups on a local level resisted the states' authority
    • In Russia, the cossacks (military) revolted many times, most famously in the Pugachev Rebellion (1773-75)

    • In France, The Fronde (1648-53) was a series of civil wars meant to challenge King Louis XIV's absolute authority

    • In the Americas, the indigenous Americans resisted European expansion in Metacom's War (1675-78), Pueblo Revolt (1680), and many other wars

  • As colonial officials imposed harsher conditions on African slaves, slaves organized themselves into resistance groups

    • The Caribbean & Brazil had lots of communities of maroons, which were runaway slaves who organized armies

    • Many slaves sought to directly fight their masters, one example is Stono Rebellion (1739)

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