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Shifting Power After 1900

Unit 7: c. 1900-Present

Main Ideas:

  • Western Europe dominated global politics at the start of 20th century, but toward the end of the 20th century, European empires started falling apart

  • The older land-based empires of the Ottomans, Russia, and Qing Dynasty fell apart in beginning of 20th century

Changes in Global Power

Global Power Started to Shift Away from Europe and Toward the Rest of the World

Key Ideas:

  • In the late 20th Century, the influence of Western Europe in global politics started to decline

    • After the World Wars, European maritime empires came to an end → Many new nation-states were created


  • The Older Land-Based Empires of the World (Ottoman, Qing Dynasty, Russian Empire) collapsed

    • Ottoman empire collapsed in 1923 after World War 1

    • Russia collapsed in 1917 due to an internal communist rebellion

    • Qing Dynasty collapsed in 1912 after many rebellions & failed reform movements weakened it

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