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Mass Atrocities After 1900

Unit 7: c. 1900-Present

Main Ideas:

  • The rise of extremist groups led to the attempted destruction (genocide) of specific populations

Mass Atrocities

Many Extremist Groups Rose to Power & Sought to Destroy Certain Populations

Key Ideas:

  • During & after the World Wars, many extremist groups rose to power that sought to destroy certain populations

    • The Ottoman Empire committed genocide of millions of Armenians in the Armenian Genocide (1915-23)

    • Nazi Germany committed a genocide of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust (1940s)

    • Cambodia had a genocide during the reign of the Khmer Rouge (1970s)

    • Rwanda had a genocide in 1994 of the Tutsi ethnic group

    • USSR had a genocide of its Ukranian people with a man-made famine called Holodomor in the 1930s

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