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Calls for Reform

Unit 9: c. 1900-Present

Main Ideas:

  • Many groups sought to make basic human rights more accessible to people regardless of race, social class, or gender → Led to more inclusive access to education, professional roles, and political roles

  • Many protested environmental & economic inequality

  • In response to these calls for reform (and other global problems), int'l orgs like the UN were developed

Global Calls for Reform

Many Groups Sought to Make Basic Human Rights More Inclusive

Key Ideas:

  • Initially, many people sought to make basic human rights more accessible to all people, regardless of race, social class, or gender

    • The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) outlined the basic human rights that all humans should have (food & sanitation, water, education, voting power, etc.)

    • Many feminist movements emerged throughout the world, especially the feminist liberation movement in Latin America

    • The negritude movement in Africa promoted that Africans should have more power and influence in the world


  • These calls to make human rights more accessible led to acts & events that made political & professional roles more inclusive

    • In many nations, women received the right to vote

      • The 19th Amendment of US Constitution (1920) gives women voting rights​

    • The literacy rate of women is increasing in most parts of the world, and more women are pursuing higher education & professional roles

    • The US Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned discrimination based on race

    • In 1994, South Africa ended Apartheid, which as a system to segregate Blacks & Whites in South Africa

    • In 1950, India banned discrimination based on caste

  • In response to globalization, many people protested environmental & economic inequality

    • An organization called Greenpeace seeks to increase awareness about global environmental problems​

    • The World Fair Trade Organization seeks to promote fair economic practices throughout the world

Responses to Calls for Reform

In Response to These Calls for Reform, Int'l Orgs like the UN are Trying to Solve Them

Key Ideas:

  • International Orgs like the United Nations (UN) seek to solve such global problems

    • The UN was founded in 1945 after WW2 to improve global communication to prevent a major global war

    • The UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) outlines the basic human rights that everyone should have, and the UN seeks to make these human rights as accessible as possible

    • The UN's many committees seek to solve certain types of global problems​​

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