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Advances in Technology

Unit 9: c. 1900-Present

Main Ideas:

  • New technologies made human life much easier & led to longer life expectancies

  • Use of new technological developments → Negative environmental impacts

List of Major Technologies

The Development of Technologies had Positive Effects of all Aspects of Human Life

List of Technologies & Their Impact

Communications Tech (Radios, Cellphones)

Made long-distance communication much easier, allowing for quick communication throughout the world

Transportation tech (air travel, shipping)

Made long-distance travel much easier, allowing for quick travel & communication throughout the world

Energy (Petroleum, Nuclear Power)

Increased energy productivity → Increased production of goods

Birth Control

Gave women more control over their fertility → Declining birth rates

Green Revolution

Increased agricultural productivity to sustain the world's growing population

Medical Innovations

Innovations like vaccines & antibiotics increased the life expectancy of humans

Effects of Technologies

The Use of Technologies Led to Environmental Problems

Key Ideas:

  • Use of new technological developments → Negative environmental impacts

    • These new technologies used up many of the world's resources (such as water, fossil fuels, lumber, etc.)

    • These new technologies often led to deforestation, a decline in fresh water, and a decline in air quality

    • These new technologies led to increased competition for resources that are very scarce → Many people in poor countries lack these resources​​

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